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10 things you don’t know about Koh Mak

Here we collected 10 insider tips and knowledge about Koh Mak from locals nobody needs to know:
1. Koh Mak is the largest privately owned island in Thailand. There is a museum about the history of Koh Mak
    near the Ao Nid Pier.
2. All street names are named after the island clans, for example, Sudhidhanakul Road, Taveteekul and Wongsiri Road. The family donated the land and the government provided the roads and electricity. 

3. Koh Mak takes good care of its nature and tries to be as sustainable as possible. Electricity just arrived last year per cable from the mainland. Officials and private sectors do collect the garbage and recycle the plastic, papers, and bottles. Trash Hero Koh Mak was initiated by the family of Ao Kao Resort. 


4. The temple of Koh Mak was founded by an inhabitant of Koh Mak. She stayed herself every year for three months.
Visit the temple and enjoy the view.
5. The longest pier (500 meters) is the pier in front of the Cinnamon Resort. From here you can see the sunset and sunrise. The mangrove trees look mystical. 
6. Koh Maks cheapest food (local taste). You can enjoy local dishes for 40 Baht. Khun Peaw is the chef.
   local restaurant koh mak
7. Koh Mak has an artist, Khun Somchai with his own artistic village (with delicate taste).
Somchai Village:
8. Koh Maks biggest tropical & exotic garden is hidden inside the Good Time Resort (2.500 trees and plants).
    Walk here and discover exotic and tropical fruits.
9. Koh Mak has two sunsets (because of its unique star-shape) you can see the sunset from the south and north side of the island.
10. Koh Mak will stay forever exclusive and protected from mass-tourism. If you want to know why: send us an email to