Koh Mak Activities

Diving / Snorkeling:

There are 3 diving schools on Koh Mak:

Koh Mak Divers (English), Paradise Divers (German and English) and Ploy Diving (Thai). All of them offer diving courses and organize snorkeling trips. There are some areas at Ao Suan Yai and Ao Kao, where you can snorkel right from the beach. Some resorts rent out snorkeling equipment.

snorkel koh mak


You can swim from the beaches, and some skilled swimmers can even swim from island to island (Koh Mak to Koh Kham or Koh Rayang)


Paradise Divers:

The experienced German diving-instructors  Andy and Steffi from Paradise Divers, will guide you through the best diving areas around Koh Mak. You can book diving courses as well (open water, PADI) or join Paradise Divers to wonderful snorkeling trips around the islands. Please check their website www.thailandtauchen.com

Diving School Paradise Divers Koh Mak

You can explore the under water world of Koh Mak

Take pictures like this with Paradise Divers on Koh Mak

Visit the under water world of Koh Mak


Some resorts like Koh Mak Resort and Ban Koh Mak rent out Kayaks. You can easily take a kayak to Koh Rayang or Koh Kham (about 1km distance) The price starts from 200 Baht per hour.


Wind Surfing:

Only sometime you find a resort who rent out surfing boards which actually work. Often the wind is to low. Or in the raining season to strong. A very few surfers bring their own equipment, but are disappointed about the weak wind. The island could be a fun place to surf. If the equipment is right and the weather brings the right condition.

Mountain Biking:

There are several places where you can rent out mountain-bikes for 150 Baht per day. Koh Mak is very good for bicycles and you can explore the entire island with the bikes. About 50% of the island-roads are already paved.

Thai Cooking Class:

Smile Thai Cooking School organizes classes. The School is located at Ban Ao Nid, near the Ao Nid Pier, Koh Mak. You can also book (in advance) individual Thai-cooking classes with some resorts.

Motorbike rental:

Almost every resort rents out motorbikes. They are more expensive,  then you are probably used to from other destinations (300-400 Baht per day on Koh Mak). The roads are quite safe. Help us to keep it this way, and don’t drive to fast. Be careful in the rainy-season and watch out for the only steep road on the island, between Ao Kao Beach and Ao Suan Yai Beach. The gasoline is a little more expensive then on the mainland (45 Baht per liter).



There are no big shopping places on the island. But there is the “Island Shop” near Island Hut Resort, where you can buy some clothes and sun-glasses. About 12 convenient shops are on the island as well, where you can get every-thing, what you need for daily life. Since 2010, there is a tiny hard-ware shop. If you really want to buy souvenirs, the next place would be Bang Bao Pier on Koh Chang, or better wait for your next trip to Bangkok.

If you have time enough, you can plan a two-day trip (one night in Trat or better Chanthaburi) if you need to go shopping urgently.

This is the best place on the island (maybe the only place) where you can find sun-glasses, clothes or even some gifts made in Thailand “Island Shop”:

One of 7 shops on Koh Mak

Pom-Shop: one of 12 shops on Koh Mak

Island Shop on Koh Mak: for cloth and other things


You can go jogging almost all way around the island. The best time for running is in the morning between 6.15 and 7.30 or 17.00 to 18.30 in the evening.

Island Tour:

Some resorts organize a tour around the island. The common sights are Ao Nid Pier, rubber plantations, a local museum, the Koh Mak Temple, some resorts and two view-points.

coconut plantage koh mak

Island Hopping:

You can also plan day-trips to Koh Wai, Koh Kood, Koh Kradat, Koh Kham or Koh Rayang in the high-season

island hopping


Most of the resorts offer places where you can get classical Thai-massages. Starts from 300 Baht per hour.  There are also massage places along the beach-road and some have their base right at the beach. The Good Time Resort has the only spa-facility with a/c. This is recommended if the weather is to hot or wet. Please don’t expect a luxury spa or “modern” spa which you might find in Bangkok or Phuket.



There is a big sailing school (Sun Sails) based on Koh Chang (Salakphet), which offers sailing trips with and without skippers. They might pick you up on Koh Mak, when it is organized in advance.