Koh Mak Map

It’s always good to have a map of Koh Mak before you travel there. We have made a selection of Koh Map maps and you can print them out for personal use.

Koh Mak is situated in the Gulf of Thailand (South-East Thailand) near the Cambodian border and just South of it’s “big brother” Koh Chang. It’s about 40 Km (24 Miles) from the mainland.

The island has about 27 Km (16 Miles) of coastline, many of them beautiful white sand beaches. Koh Mak is about 16 Km² in area.

Koh Mak Geography

Koh Mak as seen from above

Koh Mak Maps

Below you can see several maps concerning Koh Mak. The first map has information about getting to Koh Mak and the surrounding Islands by boat. It also has some resort information.

Koh Mak Island Map

Koh Mak island map with ferry information

You can get to Koh Mak from the Naval Battle Monument Pier as you can see on the map below.

Getting to Koh Mak map

Map Showing how to get to Koh Mak from the mainland

On the following map you can see the geographic location of Koh Mak in Thailand relative to Koh Chang and Bangkok.

map thailand koh mak

Map of Thailand with Koh Mak on it

Driving instructions from Bangkok to the pier in Thai.

getting to koh mak car

Getting to Koh Mak by Car

Next is a tourist map of Koh Mak witch has information in Thai and English.

Koh Mak Tourist Map

Koh Mak Tourist Map

Below is another tourist map which shows all the infrastructure on the island. You can find all the resorts, the shops, the post office, etc…

Koh Mak Map

Map of Koh Mak