How to Travel to Koh Mak

Bangkok Airways is flying now only from Bangkok to Trat “nonstop”. Please check for the flight-schedule at

Here is the chance, to get a cheap trip to Bangkok or to Trat with a private limousine. Because we think it is a shame, that most of the taxis or mini-buses have just customer for a one-way trip and travel back empty, we have created this pin board.  The driver is happy, when he makes some extra money and you might be lucky, to get a private trip for just about 2.000 Baht. Please let us know if you know an empty transportation. Please leave a comment if you like.

November 2013

Transfer with Private Limo from Bangkok to Trat (travel time about 4 hours) = 4.000 Baht

November 2013

Transfer from Bkk to Trat for 4.500 Baht with a private SUV-Taxi

Mr. Solot is a good driver and very reliable. He is driving this route since 6 years.

Please call +66 8888 30920 for the updated transfer information.