“Yoga” means in Sanskrit root yuj, which means “to join”. Yoga does not bring only emotional stability and clears your mind it also makes your body strong and flexible. It also improves your circulatory, digestive and your entire hormonal system.

Koh Mak is the perfect surrounding to achieve your personal yoga goals.

They are several individual yoga instructors who offer group and private classes starting from 150,–THB/group-session / 800,– THB/private session.
The best choices for group classes are at Good Time Sports Resort – under a big tree nestled in a tropical garden or at Ao Kao Resort near the beach.
Take advantage of the sportive spirit in Good Time Sports Resort, which offers in each room yoga mats and yoga spaces.

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2. Muay Thai

Phoenix Muay Thai Gym has a strong team of experienced trainers that teach all levels of students, from beginners to professional fighters. Whether you have only been training for a few months, or are out of shape and wanting to start learning Muay Thai, or are already at a fighter level and have been fighting in your home country, you are welcome to improve your Muay Thai at Phoenix Muay Thai Gym in Koh Mak.

Visit KohMakMuayThai.com for more information or make a reservation below.

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3. Diving and Snorkeling

Koh Mak is one of the 52 islands and part of the national marine park in Trat province. This location ensures beautiful diving- and snorkeling spots, where you will discover colorful coral reefs.

Two well-known diving schools call Koh Mak their home – both Koh Mak Divers and BB Divers will provide excellent services and courses.

Snorkeling-trips (all day including food and drinks) start from 1.000 THB and scuba-dive-trips (2 boat dives: 3.000 THB ).

Treat yourself with an Open Water PADI course for 14.500 THB or if you are advanced go for the dive master course 40.000 THB.

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4. Cooking Class

Thai cooking class with one of the experienced and popular cooks on Koh Mak. Learn how to prepare and cook an authentic Thai meal in a fun and interactive half day cooking class on Koh Mak.

Price for morning classes (4 dishes ) – 10.00 am to 2:00 pm is 1.200 THB and evening classes ( 4 dishes ) – 3:00 – 7:00 pm is 1.300 THB.

To secure one of the limited spaces book with us.

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5. Gym – Big Tree @ Good Time Sports Resort

The health trend to get fit and exercise is growing and certainly reached Koh Mak. Good Time Sports Resort installed the only outdoor gym on the island. Guests of Ao Kao Resort and Good Time Sports Resort train for free in this functional equipped fitness gym. Walk-ins please request here (150 THB / session).

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6. Tennis

Koh Mak will surprise you with outdoor and indoor tennis courts. Guests of Ao Kao Resort and Good Time Sports Resort get special rates and terms.

The fees for outside guests is 800 THB per hour. Racket- and ball-rentals are charged extra. Important note: Guests of Ao Kao Resort and Good Time Sports Resort have the privilege to rent the Tennis Courts for discounted prices and are enjoying priority booking.

Please book directly from their websites to benefit from these generous benefits.

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7. Mountain Biking – Bicycling

Beside some minor elevations Koh Mak is a flat island where bicycling is fun for everybody. Along the major streets you will find several shops renting bicycles.

Rentals start around 150 THB/day. In front of the Phoenix Muay Thai Camp you will find the best equipped Mountain Bike rental shop.

Request here for guided bicycle tours, learn and discover about the island’s agriculture and young history. Starting price 500 Baht (form here).

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8. Table Tennis

Contact Phoenix Muay Thai Gym Koh Mak if you would like to play table tennis – 1 hour will be 100 THB including the rental of table tennis bats and balls.

9. Kayak

Several beach resorts like Cocape Resort, Koh Mak Resort – both situated on the Ao Suan Yai Beach and Makathanee Resort at Ao Kao Resort are renting Kayaks on hourly or daily base. This makes individual trips to the nearby islands Koh Kham and Koh Rayang adventurous.

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10. / 11. Beach Tennis / Beach Volleyball

You will find a net for both activities nearby the restaurant of Ao Kao Resort. Locals and guests are playing mostly in the late afternoon. Drop in and take a chance to join.

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12. Massage

Enjoy the benefits of receiving a Thai-, foot- or Oil-massage on Koh Mak. This unique massage technique can lower stress, relieves muscle pain and tensions and stimulates circulation. Some places are offering hot herbal compresses and scrubs as well.

We recommend the massage by the sea at Ao Kao Resort or at the well know healing massage place “Nong Massage”.

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13. Ride a Motorbike

The easiest way to discover the island is by scooter, but as the island is flat we would like to recommend you the use of bicycles. It’s up to you to take a motorbike and reach nearly all interesting spots on the island within 5 – 10 minutes or get fit & safe the environment by using a bicycle instead which will bring you to the same spots within 5 – 20 minutes.

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13. Badminton, Disc Golf Jogging, Walking, Functional Training, Cross fit, Swimming, Classic Boxing, Kick Boxing, Pool Billard

Koh Mak is constantly creating and promoting various kind of activities and the community is happy to see more and more active and healthy minded people around.

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