The rainy season in Koh Mak is usually between July and October. It is warm and the weather remains fair, the only difference being a heavier amount of rain. Though there are storms, the day after most of them consists of blue skies and sunshine were taking a dip in the ocean can become more fun and refreshing. With Koh Mak being surrounded by Koh Kood and Koh Change, it is protected from large weather catastrophes, for example, typhoons, or massive thunderstorms, keeping residents safe as they walk along the island or relax by the poolside. 


If that isn’t enough, the months from July to October are cheaper, as it is during the low season, so guests are able to experience the island at a lower price. Hotels can be booked at lower prices, which singles use to their advantage. From July to October, the beaches are more secluded and emit an ambiance calm enough for you to settle down and read or casually stroll around the small, peaceful and wonderful Island.


Though the low or rainy season can be off-putting for some, there are still plenty of activities available. Sport-lovers and exercise-enthusiasts can enjoy a gym at the Good Time Resort and the Muay Thai area opens all year, either training in groups or privately. Motorbike and bike rentals are still available for those wishing to explore the island and quiet beaches. Although there might be rain outside there are still some activities to enjoy such as tennis and badminton which both can be played on an inside-court. These indoor facilities were constructed on purpose to make traveling during the rainy season more interesting and fun. Additionally, Koh Mak is great for people who would like to start writing their novels or adding finishing touches to their new book. These productive activities are perfectly suitable to do in small cafes or in a co-working space which is available to everyone. The majority of cafes and restaurants allow free excess to their wifi which makes working online and staying in touch with family and friends comfortable and easy. There are many cafes on Koh Mak where you can have incredible cake, coffee, and other drinks Furthermore, this can be done during any weather, so if travelers would like to learn more about Thai cuisine and how to prepare Thai food they can take a cooking class at Smile Cooking Class on Koh Mak. The chef speaks both English and Thai fluently, which makes her classes easy to follow. During the class, students are able to taste their delicious ingredients, as well as things they have prepared to serve. We highly recommend this amazing experience, as it is easy for all ages to participate in, so families and friends can all come along the make authentic and delicious Thai meals.