Koh Mak Weather Forecast For This Week

First things first — most tourists who visit Thailand during the rainy season have a good time, regardless of weather – they are well prepared and are aware of the advantages this season can offer them.

The Weather In Koh Mak

Thailand has just three seasons: hot, cool and rainy.

The rainy season is caused by the southwest monsoon that starts in India, before sweeping a continual stream of high pressure, moist air from the Indian Ocean towards Thailand.

The effect of the rainy season can vary, while it’s easy to imagine the rainy season being nothing but huge downpour for a few months, that’s simply not true.
Most people who visit Thailand during the green season have a very good time, regardless of weather — and a Thai monsoon is quite a spectacle to experience anyway!

The monsoon rains are like intense bursts of rainfall. They could last for a few hours in the middle of the day, but they could just as easily be over within about 15 minutes in the early evening.

As the temperatures are always high in Thailand — particularly during the rainy season — you won’t be needing to be wrap up warm – just bring a rain coat or an umbrella to be prepared for a sudden downpour.

Staying on Koh Mak you will not get bored, even in the rainy season, as you can benefit from enjoying many activities which you can join during this season. Check out the Muay Thai Gym, try out Thai cooking, play some indoor tennis, get fit in the gym, relax during a Thai massage or enjoy yoga. Or catch up with your work and spent a day in a co-working space.

Either way – you will have another good day on Koh Mak.