Island Hopping Thailand

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand. 70% of the island is still covered with jungle and the landscape is mostly defined by steep hills. There is one long coastline on the west side of the island which is nowadays a busy area while offering a lot of accommodation for package tourists and backpackers as well.

Koh Chang offers something for all ages and tastes. Nice white sand beaches, fascinating marine life and scenic waterfalls attracting tourists from all over the world.Koh Chang is still far less developed than many other tropical Thai islands, but developments are booming and cheap places are replaced by modern boutique bungalow resorts and hotels.

The island offers many choices to discover the marine park by boats. Trips are available around the island or you can go on a one day cruise and enjoy the scenic panorama of other small islands passing by. One day island hopping is a popular activity for the whole family.

Four elephant camps offering the opportunity to discover the nature on the back of an elephant.

Divers will love Koh Chang for its variety of dive spots. They can discover a wreck, coral reefs, rock outcrops and drop offs. They are many diving schools on Koh Chang which also offers trips for snorkeling.

You can reach the island by plane and fly into Trat Airport; bookings can be done easily under . After arriving in Trat the tourists will need a lift by car of mini-bus.

A car or bus-ride from Bangkok will need around 5 hours.

koh chang island hopping thailand koh chang island hopping thailand

Koh Kood
Koh Kood is the seventh biggest island in Thailand and a lovely destination for all kind of travellers. Families, couples and single-travellers will find a nice place to stay on one of the beautiful beaches.

The rates for accommodation and food are higher than on the other islands, because Koh Kood is not connected with a car ferry to the mainland, therefore all freight has to come with small boats.

Koh Kood has many bays and beaches : Ao Prao, Bang Bao, Ao Salad, Ao Noi, Ao Ta Tin, Klong Jao and Laem Ao Jai Beach.

On a small island named Koh Mai Si Lek is a little private airport situated, where you can fly in and get a transfer to the latest super-luxury resort of Soneva Kiri  (Six Senses Resort and Hideaway).

koh kood island hopping thailand koh kood island hopping thailand

Koh Wai

This little island is located between Koh Chang and Koh Mak, just about 15-20 minutes away.

The speed-boats are daily driving to Koh Wai, from Koh Mak, Koh Chang (Salak Phet)  and from Laem Ngop (mainland). This island has two really nice beaches and 3 resorts ( Koh Wai Beach Resort, Koh Wai Pakarang Resort and Koh Wai Good Feeling Resort). On the week-ends, many day-trippers come from the islands nearby for snorkeling. But before sunset, it is very lonely again.

Koh Kradat

This island is very very flat. Flat like paper. Paper means in Thai “Kradat”. Now you know, where the name comes from. On Koh Kradat are about 2.000 deers you can visit. Traveling to Koh Kradat takes about 15 minutes from Koh Mak, and you can easily hire a wooden boat from here.

Koh Kradat, easily reachable from Koh Mak by speed boat

Koh Kradat, easily reachable from Koh Mak by speed boat

Koh Kham

It is like this: Koh Kham is under construction. Since 3 years, a developer from Pattaya is building a 5 star resort on this island. Maybe this resort will open 2011. The price for one of the 24 pool-villas are about 100.000 Baht. This was the last info from 2009.

What is left of this former pearl of island, is not much. There is still really beautiful beach with blue, crystal clear water, like you know from the Maldives. It is still recommended to enjoy a day-trip and swim at the white powder sandy beach.

Koh Kham, opposite Koh Mak

Koh Kham, opposite Koh Mak

koh kham island hopping thailand

Koh Rayang

This island has a really beautiful sandy beach, which might be a little steep at high-tide.It is just 1,2 km of Koh Mak and easily reached by a Kayak.

For more pictures please see: The resort is temporary closed.

koh rayang island hopping thailand

Koh Samui / Phuket

Koh Samui

Koh Samui now near Koh Mak

After this is 5 years planed, finally Bangkok Air is offering flights from Trat to Samui (nonstop) and further to Phuket. 4 times per week. This might give “island-hopping”  another dimension.

More info about Koh Samui and Phuket you can find easily in the internet. Some people say: “Koh  Mak is just like Koh Samui or Phuket… but how it was there 25 years ago”…

Let’s wait, if the now route will have any influence for the Eastern Islands -probably not.